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Welcome to Caterham on the Hill Parish Council

Caterham on the Hill is a town in the Tandridge District of Surrey. It has a a population of approximately 12,000.

The Parish Council works hard to maintain and improve the facilities and environment of Caterham on the Hill. Residents views are very welcome.

Please contact the Clerk, Helen Broughton at caterhamhillpc@msn.com or telephone 01883 708310.

Snow, ice and grit

Surrey County Council (SCC) are responsible for gritting the roads in Caterham. This link will give you more information regarding which routes are gritted. http://new.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/road-maintenance-and-cleaning/salting-and-gritting/salting-routes-in-surrey

The Parish Council also employs local farmers who will grit the more minor roads during prolonged spells of snow and ice. The farmers will however do this after gritting the main roads for Surrey County Council.

Caterham on the Hill Parish Council provides additional grit bins ( to SCC bins) for residents to use on the highways if needed. 

Volunteers also kindly help clear the pavements using a push along gritter. 

We weclome suggestions for additional grit bins by residents and if you would like to become a volunteer snow angel.


As approved by Council on 12th November 2011.

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